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Tas 4×4 Tours Terms and Conditions – Booking conditions

  • Please read these booking conditions carefully as they form the basis on which bookings are accepted by tas4x4tours.
  • When you have chosen your itinerary or if you would like to create your own special tour, please contact tas4x4tours tours directly.
  • Reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • Local conditions may necessitate changes to sightseeing, walking and driving routes. In the event that we are forced to change your arrangements, substitute arrangements of a similar standard will be provided.
  • Booking conditions include the information relating to payments, cancellations, liability and other information that is outlined below.

Payment information

  • You must agree to Terms and Conditions before payment is accepted.
  • Tour prices may vary from time to time. Once you have paid for your tour your price will not change.
  • Tour prices do not include meals. Local businesses may be used for catering if tour allows. We can provide more information at the time of booking.
  • Deposit must be paid at the time of booking.
  • All bookings must be paid in full 30 days prior to tour.
  • If, for any reason, your payment fails to reach tas4x4tours by the due date, tas4x4tours reserves the right to treat the booking as being cancelled.


  • If you decide to cancel your trip, turn up late, or otherwise can’t make it, cancellation fees apply.
  • Should you cancel with less than 14 days notice (prior to departure) you could forfeit 100% of your tour cost.
  • No refunds are available after a tour has commenced.
  • Upon cancellation, a cancellation number will be issued confirming tas4x4tours has been advised of the cancellation.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or vary any trip if necessary, and will incur no liability for such cancellation or alterations.
  • If we cancel the trip there will be no cost to you and all monies will be reimbursed.

Travel Insurance

Travelling is great and we hope you have a fabulous time but remember that unexpected things can happen. Lost luggage and belongings, illness, travel delays and other things can impact on your holiday and contribute to unforeseen cancellations.  Cancellations can incur heavy penalties so we recommended that you take out comprehensive travel insurance that can cover you for such events.  With those worries behind you we then recommend that you Escape, Explore and Enjoy.


tas4x4tours will not be liable where interruptions to itineraries are caused by weather conditions, technical problems to vehicles and other forms of transport used by tas4x4tours or other circumstances beyond our control.


The participant agrees to indemnify tas4x4tours, and its servant and agents, in relation to any liability, loss and damage which tas4x4tours, or its servants and/or agents may incur as a result of the participants negligence or misconduct during the tour.

Please also see Tas4x4Tours Privacy Statement and Consent for Photos .

Tas 4×4 Tours Terms and Conditions


Tas 4x4 Tours is an accredited tasmania Tourist Operator Tas 4x4 Tours Terms and Conditions