Bay of Fires Half Day Tour – Our half-day tour starts in St Helens travelling along the Fire Trail to the Bay of Fires making our first stop at The Gardens. Once at The Gardens we take a short walk to take in the views to the north to Eddystone Point. Here we see the orange lichen covered rocks.

TAS 4x4 Tours show you the lichen rocks up close Bay of Fires Half Day TourThe orange lichen on the granite boulders makes them unique but that’s not the reason it’s called Bay of Fires. Captain Tobias Furneaux named the bay in 1773 in response to the many Aboriginal fires he saw burning on its shore.

Lichens are a combination of algae and fungus that live together in a symbiotic relationship. The lichens responsible for the orange hue in the rocks of Bay of Fires belongs to the family, Hymeneliaceae. The color is contained in their thallus, which is the vegetative part of the body. Lichens are grouped by thallus type, since the thallus is usually the most visually prominent part of the lichen.

Bay of Fires pristine white beaches Bay of Fires Half Day TourWith its pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal waters, the whole area known as the Bay of Fires is popular for beach activities in the summer and if you are extremely lucky, you may even view a pod of dolphins as they cruise along parallel to the beach.

Travelling back to Binalong Bay at the southern end of the Bay of Fires we stop at Sloop Rocks for a walk about and learn about the history surrounding the wharf and railway.

On the road again we travel to Humbug Point stopping at the lookout to view the area and the Barway. From here we travel through St Helens arriving at St Helens Point then to Maraud Beach lookout, which provides us with fantastic views to the north and south.

Tour Summary:  Travel the Fire Trail to the Bay of Fires, The Gardens, Sloop Rock, Binalong Bay, Humbug Point, Barway, St Helens Point, Maraud Beach, 4×4 Beach Driving Experience.


Bay of Fires Half Day Tour

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TAS 4x4 half day Bay of Fires Tour Half Day Tour