Bay of Fires Full Day Tour – Visit the stunning Bay of Fires on this full day tour and see the stunningly beautiful white beaches and orange lichen covered rocks. The full day tour includes all of the features of the half-day tour but with the added bonus of visiting the northern most point of the Bay of Fires,  Eddystone Point with its iconic lighthouse.

Humbug Point at St Helens
Aerial View

Setting off from St Helens we travel to Humbug Point to check out the bar at the mouth of the river and take in the views. Then it’s on to Binalong Bay and depending on the weather morning tea will be at a café or at a roadside stop. After morning tea we travel to The Gardens via the free camping grounds that are on offer along the Bay of Fires beachfront. When we get to Sloop Rock we go walk about. Sloop Rock is between Taylors Beach and Seatons Cove and is everything you imagine Bay of Fires to be: Clear blue waves and a deserted pure white beach.

Travellers from all points of the globe are drawn to this ribbon of white sand and azure sea. It is such a magical scene, and it is refereed to as one of Lonely Planet’s favourite destinations. Despite its fame, many travellers get to see these wide ocean beaches and shell-strewn coves all on their own.

Eddystone Point lighthouse at dawn
Lighthouse at Dawn

From here we travel to Eddystone Point and Anson’s Bay via the Fire Trail and Policeman’s Point. Policeman’s Point is a rock-tied sandy point that forms the southern boundary to Anson’s Bay inlet. The South Anson’s Bay Road terminates in the lee of the point, where there remains an unutilised police reserve. This beach curves between the low rocky reef areas with only a central section free of rocks.

Here we stop for a roadside lunch before travelling on to Eddystone Lighthouse where we go walk about and take in the views to the south of the Bay of Fires.

Eddystone Lighthouse is iconic and a must see for any visitor to the area. This lighthouse was built in 1889 and is one of the largest in Australia built on the most easterly point in Tasmania.

Our afternoon is nearly over so we return to St Helens via Anson’s Road and Priory Road.

Tour Summary:

Humbug Point, The Barway, Binalong Bay, The Gardens, Sloop Rock, Travel the Fire Trail, Policeman’s Point, Anson’s Bay, Eddystone Point, Eddystone Lighthouse, Travel back via Anson’s Road and Priory Road to St Helens.

Walks are optional and sturdy footwear is recommended


Bay of Fires Full Day Tour


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