Bay of Fires Tour Short Tour – The Bay of Fires Short Tour is approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours and once again we pick up and return to your accommodation or designated pick up point. We begin this short but enlightening tour by traveling via Akaroa and Stieglitz to Scenic Point, which over looks the St Helens Bar-way.

Bay of Fires Short Tour St Helens Bar is one of many bars located up and down the east coast of Australia. It is situated at the mouth of Georges Bay in Tasmania and is the result of a build up of sand across the entrance of the river.   Unfortunately sand bars change with tide and rainfall, and they especially move after heavy rain events. It is crucial that boaties observe complete safety when contemplating a bar crossing. Tides play a major role in determining the timing of the crossing with the best time for a crossing about 3 hours prior to high tide or approximately mid tide of an incoming tide. This is a general guide only and again conditions must be suitable for a crossing.

There is a cautionary alert that most boaties observe, “Never cross a bar in an open boat if there are waves breaking right across.” Of course the final decision to cross is the responsibility of the skipper. The safety of all on board is critical in the final crossing; luckily we have St Helens Marine Rescue to lend assistance through local knowledge.

After the Bar-way we travel to the boat ramp and on to the lookout, which gives us a commanding view of Maraud Breach and in the distance to White Sands. Our next stop is The Gardens in the north of Bay of Fires.   We then have a short walk to the lookout to view the coast and Eddystone Point taking in the white beaches and lichen cover rocks.Bay of Fires Short Tour

From The Gardens we travel to Humbug Point and on to view the Bar-way from a different angle. On our return to St Helens we drive via Binalong Bay and see the maze of orange lichen covered rocks, which has given Bay of Fires its name.

Tour Summary:

St Helens Bar, Maraud Beach lookout, The Gardens, Humbug Point, Binalong Bay


Bay of Fires Short Tour

Bay of Fires Short Tour