Blue Tier tour Forest Reserve East Coast of Tasmania

There are a number of walks within the Blue Tier Forest Reserve. One of them is called the The Blue Tier Giant.   The track is a 2.3 kilometre walk that travels through mixed species native forest with rainforest understory in the Groom River Valley and includes the Blue Tier Giant, a Eucalyptus Regnans with a massive girth of 19.4m and a height of over 70m. The forests are breathtaking with glades of sassafras, myrtles and tree ferns as well as giant Eucalyptus Regnans trees, the Blue Tier Giant, and other stunning examples of Eucalyptus Regnans.

Pyengana Area of Tasmania Blue Tier TourLast but not least on this tour we stop in Pyengana, which has a population of around 150. Permanent settlement commenced around 1875 with pioneering settlers arrived in 1875 and one of those families was George and Margaret Cotton who raised a family of nine children at the property they called St Columba. Georges River Post Office opened on 1 December 1885 and was renamed Pyengana in 1888. The area had several tin mines such as the Anchor Tin Mine and Battery situated in the Pyengana Pass.

Whilst in Pyengana we visit either the “Pub in the Paddock” or the Cheese Factory.Pub in the Paddock” was established in 1880 and is actually inside a paddock. More widely known as the pub with the beer drinking pig.

Blue Tier Tour Pyengana Cheese ShopThe local Pyengana Cheese Factory is run by 4th generation cheese maker Jon Healey and his family. The factory specialises in cloth bound cheddar.

Another interesting fact regarding this area is that Anchor Farms began growing organic gourmet potatoes in 1995 and now supply nationwide and export to South East Asia. Their organic brand is Anchor Organics ( and their conventional brand is “Yum Tasmanian”.

Tour Summary:  Anson’s Bay, Blue Tier Forest Reserve, Crystal Creek, Little Plain and Pyengana.

Walks are optional and sturdy footwear is recommended

Blue Tier Tour

Blue Tier Tour Tasmania


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