Tasmanian Wildlife

Tasmania is a natural haven for a range of fascinating and truly unique wildlife. Wallabies, possums, pademelons and birds are in prolific numbers and are easy to see whilst travelling around Tasmania.

Depending on the time of day and the place you may also get to see wombats, echidnas and the Tasmanian Devil. Join Tas 4×4 Tours to see the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Through the day you may see a wedge-tailed eagle in flight or watch dolphins and whales frolicking in the aqua blue ocean off the East Coast of Tasmania. There are a number of lookouts along the coast to catch these animals moving gracefully in their natural habitat.

Evenings are the ideal time to sit back, relax and watch the penguins return at sunset to their nests along the shoreline, this can be incorporated in your Bay of Fires tour.

Platypus are truly unique and hard to find but can been seen in slow flowing streams, rivers, lakes and dams. Platypus is Latin for “Flat Foot”, they have a stream-lined body, webbed feet, broad tail and a characteristic duck like bill.

Wombats are large marsupials found only in Australia. They are nocturnal creatures and have powerful claws. Their rodent like teeth are used for digging huge burrows. Like all marsupials the Wombat rears its young in a pouch, however in the case of the wombat this is a backwards-facing pouch. This is a wonderful invention of nature as it prevents the baby from being covered in dirt when its mother is digging. Wombats weigh around 20-30 kilos, are herbivores who feast on grasses, herbs, bark and roots.

The famous and currently threatened Tasmanian devil is also nocturnal. The Devil is about the size of a small dog and is the worlds largest surviving carnivorous marsupial. This animal, found only in Tasmania, has a discordant snarl.  With its screeches and growls many believe it sounds like a devil. They are often heard fighting over food and during mating.

On tour we have been lucky enough to be able to show our tourists some of our unique wildlife, endangered species and even rarely seen animals including the white kangaroo and the white echidna! 

Our tours are all about you, come travel with us and enjoy the sights that the East Coast of Tasmania has to offer and you too might even get to see some of our unique and wonderful wildlife.

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